Presentation of Figure dell’Italia civile (Figures of Civilian Italy) by Pier Franco Quaglieni at the Museo Novecento in collaboration with the Museo Marino Marini

Presentation of Figures of Civilian Italy by Pier Franco Quaglieni at the Museo Novecento in collaboration with the Museo Marino Marini

Tuesday November 21st, 5:30pm
Museo Novecento – Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 10 Firenze

Valentina Gensini – Patrizia Asproni

Paolo Ermini, Direttore Corriere Fiorentino

Interviewing the author
Gerardo Nicolosi, professor of Contemporary History – University of Siena
Ginevra Cerrina Feroni Ricasoli, professor of Comparative Public Law – University of Florence


The book, which is already being reprinted and is attracting a lot of attention and reviews, treats the figures of important personalities of the political and cultural scenes of the 20th century from Einaudi to Giovanni Amendola, from Marchesi to Soleri, from Calamandrei to Chabod, to Burzio and Adriano Olivetti, from Ernesto Rossi to Balbo di Vinadio. The most consistent part of the book concerns the “friends and masters” that the author knew and frequented: Jemolo, Bobbio, Galante Garrone, Primo Levi, Ciampi, Luraghi, Romeo, Spadolini, Pininfarina, Ronchey, Tortora, and Pannella. Two very dense chapters conclude the book, those dedicated to Soldati and Pannunzio. They deal with passages that Quaglieni enriches by reconstructing the history of the relationship between the Centro “Pannunzio” and the other personalities that animate the book. The figures profiled are frequently remembered with completely unpublished and unconventional episodes, in some cases even politically “not correct” but always historically balanced. An all-round portrait of civil society emerges from his work that the author believes in the need for to be rediscovered and valued as a cultural heritage indispensable also for future generations.

Pier Franco Quaglieni, professor and essayist in the history and contemporary history, has been a publicist since 1968. He is director of the “Mario Pannunzio” Center for Studies and Research, which he has helped to grow alongside Arrigo Olivetti, Mario Soldati, Alessandro Passerin d’Entrèves. From his privileged corner, he met and knew closely many of the personalities he wrote about in this book. At the age of 47 he was honored by the President of the Republic with the Gold Medal of the first class of Benemerito della Scuola, Culture and Art. He is the leader of the Italian Volunteer Federation of Freedom. He has won, among others, the “Voltaire”, “Tocqueville”, “Popper” and “Venice” prizes. Aldo Cazzullo wrote of him: “He is a lone knight who for decades has kept alive the memory of a great cultural tradition often unknowingly.” Massimo Gramellini has, in turn, stated: “He is a liberal of the Risorgimento born in the wrong century. Fortunately for us “.

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