YTALIA. Energy Thought Beauty. Everything is connected

Italy is a republic founded on art and its beauty: you could say that it is a republic founded and rebuilt by artists. In Assisi, in one of the vaults of the Basilica Superiore, Cimabue wrote at the end of the 13th century, “Ytalia” in the margins of his representation of a city, surely Rome: a very early statement affirming the existence of an Italian civilization. With this “signage” Cimabue sanctions that the national borders are first artistic rather than political, and that the Italian national identity is made of classical and humanistic culture, of pagan beauty and Christian spirituality. Italy is the realm of art and beauty still today. For the international artistic community, Italian art – from Giotto to Piero della Francesca, from Michelangelo to Caravaggio, and from these to the Futurists and beyond – has been a school, a model for the whole world, because in our artistic works it has been possible to appreciate the perfect equilibrium of classical and anti-classical  representation, of eclecticism, purism, invention, and quotation, immanence and transcendence.

Ytalia is an exhibition that offers national and international audiences the opportunity to confront some of the greatest Italian artists of our time: the exhibition – promoted by the Municipality of Florence and organized by Mus.e – stems from a collaboration with the Gallerie degli Uffizi, the Opera of Santa Croce and the Museo Marino Marini.

At the Museo Marino Marini the works of Mimmo Paladino and Nunzio are exhibited.

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