Special September at the Museo Marino Marini

Special September at the MUSEO MARINO MARINI
3 big events
8 protagonists in contemporary art and culture
1 special guest


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The Museo Marino Marini, in Florence, reopens after the summer break with the month of September full of events.
Beginning on September 12 with Jeffrey Schnapp, guru of the digital humanities, director of the metaLAB at Harvard University, and world reference for the study of the impact of the digital world on the models of production, dissemination and transmission of culture.
The Fate of Knowledge in the 21st century, is the title of the conference that Jeffrey Schnapp will give, touching on: big data, networks, multichannel communication of knowledge, emerging participatory models, the “animated archive”, and overall why digitalization does not equal democratization; all in a speech given in his impeccable Italian. For the occasion, Schnapp, who is also the CEO of Piaggio Fast Forward, the research center on the future that Piaggio has created in the USA, he will present “FuturPiaggio” (edited by Rizzoli), an ambitious project-object of innovative art from a group that has marked the history of mobility and design; which will be accompanied by GITA, the original robot of which they already talking about around the world.
With Jeffrey Schnapp, member of the honorary board of the Museo Marino Marini, will open the series of events called “What’s Next”, dedicated to cultural leaders, innovators, and international makers that reflect on the future of museums, including their challenges, opportunities, innovations, and changes.

Another September novelty, “Contemporary Art Hates You”, a series of encounters inspired by the famous director and provocateur John Waters, invites some protagonists of contemporary art to discuss the hottest topics of the moment: the how and why of contemporary art in Italy. These topics will be tackled by: Angelo Crespi with Stefano Monti on 15 September; Francesco Bonami with Sergio Risaliti on 19 September; Ludovico Pratesi with Arturo Galansino on 28 September.

The “Director’s Cut” cycle of conferences returns in September, creating a space for the most important protagonists and innovative museum directors to tell all about the “behind the scenes” of the current changes in progress. On September 18th Gianfranco Maraniello, President of AMACI (Italian Association of Contemporary Art Museums) and director of MART Trento Rovereto, will speak.
Visible until October 2nd the dual exhibition of Mimmo Paladino: the liturgical banners designed by the artist specifically for the Cappella Rucellai and realized by Alberta Ferretti, and the series of emotional and intriguing – the famous “dormienti” (sleepers), positioned in the crypt of the museum during the occasion of the exhibition Ytalia.

Museo Marino Marini
September program 2017

“What’s next”

Tuesday September 12th | 7pm
The fate of knowledge in the 21st century
with Jeffrey Schnapp

Born in New York City in 1945. Jeffrey Schnapp is a noted reference point in the Digital Humanities, founder and director of the Stanford Humanities Lab, then director of metaLAB (at) Harvard, he is currently Chief Executive Officer of Piaggio Fast Forward. Famous as a historian of the Middle Ages and the Twentieth Century, he was a pioneer in various transdisciplinary research fields. His research covers a wide field, from classical antiquity to contemporaneity, and includes the material history of literature, architecture, design and history of science and technology (always with a particular emphasis on the Italian context). Philologist, novelist, and author, he has written over twenty-five books and more than two hundred essays on authors such as Virgil, Dante Alighieri, Petrarch, and Niccolò Machiavelli. He has worked as curator with several museums such as La Cantor Arts Center, Wolfsonian-FIU, SFMOMA, Triennale di Milano, il Centro di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio, and the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Schnapp has been a senior research fellow at some of the world’s most prestigious research centers, including the National Gallery of Art in Washington (1996), the Getty Research Institute (2005) and the Canadian Center for Architecture (2007).

“Contemporary Art hates you”
3 conversations on contemporary art

Friday September 15th | 7pm
Angelo Crespi presents
“Ars Attack – Il bluff del contemporaneo”
(Johan & Levi editors)
Stefano Monti will speak with the author

Dissatisfaction, nonsense, and useless fun seem to be the new categories of contemporary art, in which only the market defines the value of a work, and every aesthetic judgment is banished. Today nothing has any sense anymore, if not the trademark of the artist that generates, beyond the result, art like an apple falls from the tree, obeying the blind word of production and gain, while the museums of contemporary art, empty exoskeletons without content, certify the worth of these new “junk titles”. No problem if this new art does not aspire to the comparison with the art of Tradition, to confront the greats of the past. A new name needs to be found for it. A new category for a new taxonomy should be found, in which to include all those ugly, insensate, often mischievous things which, however, self-define art. For the latter, Angelo Crespi invented the word “sgunz”, sinking the blade of the disenchanted and competent observer in the roving of the current system: critics, curators, gallerists, young and old renowned artists, all at the same time are victims and advocates of a mechanism that does nothing but perpetuate itself. Following a well-established school of thought from Robert Hughes to Jean Clair, a pamphlet that looks like a surviving handbook in an ever-intricate jungle, a lifeboat for anyone who has lost their compass, for those who are swimming against the current and still believe in art. That’s true.

Tuesday September 19th | 7pm
Francesco Bonami presents
“L’arte nel cesso. Da Duchamp a Cattelan, ascesa e declino dell’arte contemporanea”
“Art in the toilet. From Duchamp to Cattelan, the rise and decline of contemporary art”
Sergio Risaliti will speak with the author
a free ticket to YTALIA at the Forte Belvedere will be given to all participants

With the self-irony that distinguishes him, Francesco Bonami, one of the most brilliant critics of international art, resumes the discourse he started ten years ago in “I could do it too.” The author admits that, after all, he might have been able to do many of the works upon sight of which we are stunned, and yet, even if somebody else before has made them, this does not mean at all that it is art. In conclusion, provocatively but not entirely, contemporary art – beginning in 1917 with the upside-down (Fontana) by Marcel Duchamp – until today, after a century exactly, it has come to its end, and must leave its place to a new phase. Through a series of stories and reflections, the author shows us why now art can no longer be merely ideas that run on with the goal of the next being more revolutionary than the former. And why, from provocation after provocation, contemporaneity has exhausted its power to astonish. Finally he concludes that, to be useful, art must find its ability to invent and tell stories, recovering that essential concoction of ingenuity and genius that is at the basis of human creativity.

Thursday September 28 | 7pm
Ludovico Pratesi presents
“Perché l’Italia non ama più l’arte contemporanea”
“Why doesn’t Italy love contemporary art anymore”
(Castelvecchi Editore)
Arturo Galansino will speak with the author

How come Italy hates contemporary art? Is it because of the weight of our artistic heritage, or are there other reasons? Why do we not know how to promote our young talents on the international art scene? How come we do not have a great national collection dedicated to today’s art? Starting from these questions, Pratesi’s book suggests some ways for Italy to find a new relationship with the art of our time.

Director’s cut
Museum directors on “behind the scenes”

Monday 18 September | 7pm
Gianfranco Maraniello – President AMACI and director MART Trento e Rovereto

Gianfranco Maraniello is the President of AMACI, the Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums, and a member of the Scientific Committee for the Art Collection of the Farnesina – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MADRE) of Naples. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Brera Art Gallery.
In addition to curating exhibitions in Italy and abroad and writing numerous essays, he has regularly held postgraduate master’s courses at LUISS in Rome and the Brera Academy in Milan.
He has previously been a curator at the Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena and the MACRO in Rome. In 2006, he was curator of the Shanghai Biennale. Since 2005, he directed the GAM of Bologna and then inaugurated the MAMbo in 2007, assuming from 2013 to 2015 the directorship of the entire civic museum system called the Bologna Museums Institution. Since June 2015 he is the Director of MART – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Trento and Rovereto.

::: CANCELED :::
Monday 25 September | 7pm
Fabio Cavallucci – director of the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center in Prato

Fabio Cavallucci, romagnolo born in 1961, is the director of the Center for Contemporary Art, Luigi Pecci of Prato since 2014 (with a three year term). He founded and directed from 1990 until 1998, the Contemporary Art Gallery “Vero Stoppioni” of Santa Sofia of Romagna, his native town. From 2001 to 2008 he led the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Trento, organizing more than 350 exhibitions in eight years. From 2006 to 2008 he was the coordinator of “Manifesta 7. European Biennale of Contemporary Art” realized in Trentino Alto Adige in 2008. In 2010 he was the artistic director of the XIV International Biennial of Sculpture in Carrara, and from 2010 until 2014 he directed the Contemporary Art Center Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, which includes, in addition to the department of visual arts, music, theater, dance and cinema. Among the international artists with whom he has worked are: Cai Guo-Qiang, Maurizio Cattelan, Antony Gormley, Katarzyna Kozyra, Paul McCarthy, Santiago Sierra, Mario Merz, Aernout Mik, Gillian Wearing, Wilhelm Sasnal, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Suzanne Lacy. He curated the exhibition “The End of the World” at the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci of Prato (October 16, 2016 – March 19, 2017).

October 2nd – Mimmo Paladino and the Ytalia exhibitions close.


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