The establishment of a Visiting Director

Each year the curation of the museum is entrusted to a new figure through the visiting directorship. the selected figure is chosen between italian and international museum directors and curators, and is tasked with creating a one-year exhibition program. he or she is responsible for developing and carrying out an ad-hoc project for the museum, around which all other events will revolve. For 2018, the visiting director will be Dmitry Ozerkov, art historian, curator of the department of contemporary art at the State Museum of the Hermitage.

His Profile
A lively and enterprising young director of the new contemporary art department of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Ozerkov is an art historian, philosopher, curator of numerous exhibitions of contemporary art in Russia and beyond. Since 2007, he has been working on the ambitious Hermitage project 20/21 Project for Contemporary Art, which aims to collect and exhibit contemporary Russian art. Also in 2007, he curated the exhibition, USA Today in 2007, a deliberately provocative selection of contemporary American artists with works from the collection of Charles Saatchi that brought his name to the forefront in the Russian press.
In 2011, he curated the homage to Dmitry Prigov for the 54th Venice Biennale, inaugurating the participation of the Ermitage museum in the international contemporary art event. He is additionally the commissioner of Manifesta X (2014), and the author of various publications and articles on contemporary creation and 18th century art.

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