dal 11 al 13 maggio
orario 10-19
Museo Marino Marini Firenze
Piazza San Pancrazio
Un progetto supportato e cofinanziato dalla convenzione Città di Parigi / Institut Français.

CHIROMANCY is the chance to test live the principle of the PLAYABLE museum. The installation will be free for anyone to visit, so during those three days, it is the chance to see if through a call for action on social media aimed mainly towards the digital natives, we will able to create a significant word of mouth that will result in an increase in the museum entrance. With this event, you can also attract interest from the press as the call for Playable museum is still going on and generate communication around your long term goals while offering the press a very concrete experience of what it could be.
As we know, based on our experience with 15000 children from age 4 to 18 last month during an exhibit in Amines, CHIROMANCY is an extremely playful and inclusive experience, which leaves the youth with the message that “The future is your hand” and that no machine should ever foresee 

CHIROMANCY is a perfect example of cooperation between France and Italy. As all the audio you would hear will be recorded with the help of the students of the Liceo Charles Darwin in Turin which will talk about “what they think of the future” and will also act as the little monologues you hear when you experiment the work of art.  It is also a way to make the youth realize the power of art and action and encourage them to react and get involved in the buildin of the future. CHIROMANCY only works if you interact with it, and if you do, you become the co-creator of a work of art, a metaphor for life and an important message to pass on to the youth. 

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