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building and maintaining a network is an action that requires commitment and determination but can offer significant benefits and opportunities for growth. at the museo marino marini every opportunity for collaboration is seen as a time of enrichment and stimulus, and a especially way to be open to the skills, experiences and the knowledge of other professionals.


The WELCOME Project is a project developed by a group of florentine museums (museo di storia naturale, museo galileo, first fondazione scienza e tecnica, il giardino di archimede – museo della matematica, museo horne, casa buonarroti, museo fiorentino di preistoria, museo marino marini) has obtained funding from the region of tuscany (pic). the project is geared toward welcoming the public into museums, inclusion and accessibility.


With funding from the 2016 project, the museo marino marini has implemented the following projects:
1- a “design for all” postcard with embossed image and braille caption
2- a presentation video in LIS (italian sign language)
3- some activities at the museum including transport services for elderly people living in places that do not have adequate means of transport for group travel
4- 3d print of 5 small scaled marini sculptures, usable for museum activities with the blind and visually impaired, but also with other types of public (schools, families) and for activities outside the museum, for various types of public presentations
5- a photographic campaign to make the museum accessible through evocative and meaningful images aimed at those who cannot go in person
6- the restoration and maintenance of audio and narrative guides in the museum to enrich the visitor’s experience
7- two training events devoted to museum educators of the 8 museums on issues related to inclusion and accessibility

link to the WELCOME site on blogspot in italian