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the education department at the museo marino marini has something for visitors of all ages. the department designs activities and experiences aimed at meeting different interests and enhancing individual sensitivity to the museum collection. the philosophy of the department places the visitor, child or adult, at the center of every cognitive experience. the approach to the works is always interactive, playful, and engaging and leverages the emotional response in a way that coming to the museum makes a lasting impression in each visitor’s memory.

the educational department proposes journeys, creative workshops, and special projects for approaching modern and contemporary art. the proposals range from the permanent collection to temporary exhibitions hosted in the museum. activities at the museo marino marini have a thematic approach focusing on the different aspects of artistic creation.

all initiatives aimed at children and teenagers include a creative workshop that fits with their exploration of the museum and is calibrated according to age group. for schools, from pre-school to university, many paths have been created that are enriched each year with new proposals. these activities are by reservation. the educational department is organized by l’associazione culturale l’immaginario.




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