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life and history

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themes and motifs

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the museum preserves 183 works by marino marini (1901-1980): sculptures, paintings, drawings and engravings.

the works are arranged thematically rather than chronologically, the themes being related to the mood of the work, more than its iconographic subject matter in a narrow sense: it revolves around the imposing equestrian sculptures, the series, equestre dell’aja (1957-58) placed in the epicenter of the ancient liturgical space and immersed in natural light coming from the large skylight.

marino considered the presence of natural light to be an essential element for reading his work: this criterion is fully welcomed and exploited in the museum; the observation points are manifold, thus counteracting the aversion of the artist for “the work to be viewed on the pedestal”, a concept far distant from Marini’s guiding leitmotif.

the works were donated at different moments, both from marino marini and his wife. In 1980, the artist donated to the city of Florence the first group of works, consisting of 22 sculptures, 31 paintings, 30 drawings and 30 engravings. Subsequently, in 1988, his widow donated 42 additional works to the city of Florence in order to make the museum collection more complete and detailed. Meanwhile, the museum heritage was enriched by another 25 works donated by marino’s wife, la signora del vecchioil lascito testamentario jesi, and la signora freccia. the museum contains exclusively marino marini’s works from 1916 to 1977, all exhibited on the four levels of the museum.


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drawings and engravings

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each year the curation of the museum is entrusted to a new figure through the visiting directorship. the selected figure is chosen between italian and international museum directors and curators, and asked to form a one-year exhibition program. he or she is responsible for developing and carrying out an ad-hoc project for the museum, around which all other events will revolve.

the 2018 visiting director is dmitry ozerkov.


the san pancrazio marini foundation, with headquarters in florence, in piazza san pancrazio, was established on july 11th 1988 by the city of florence and the marino marini foundation of pistoia. it aims to ensure the preservation, protection, and valorization of marino marini’s works of art and his artistic heritage, in addition to their exposition to the public.  this rich patrimony includes works donated to the city of florence by the sculptor himself, and those given to the foundation at the time of its founding by his wife mercedes pedrazzini marini.  

the foundation aims to manage the museo marino marini located in the former church of san pancrazio in florence, and to promote cultural events and exhibitions dedicated to artists and themes from the twentieth century to contemporaneity.



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Medieval Complex

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Rucellai Chapel

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Museum Layout

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it’s possible to rent certain spaces of the Museo Marino Marini for the organization of special events.