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the museo marino marini is located in the historic center of florence, within the former church of san pancrazio, between via della vigna nuova and piazza santa maria novella. sometime after 1100 a priory was constructed within the ecclesiastical settlement of san pancrazio, first documented at the beginning of the 9th century. the benedictine nuns used it during the 13th and the 14th centuries until the vallombrosan friars took over, undertaking a radical restoration of the convent. this intervention was completed between 1457 and 1467 by leon battista alberti, and sponsored by the rucellai family. alberti’s chapel and with the tomb of the holy sepulcher.

in 1808, the church of san pancrazio became deconsecrated by an edict of the napoleonic government. this reorganization witnessed the removal of the albertian triforio, re-assembling it in the façade with strongly varied proportions. the building then undergoes the fate of the dispersion of its furniture, and finally auction as part of the napoleonic lottery. later the structure becomes the venue of the governmental prefecture and then a tobacco manufacture during which time a fire destroyed the apsidal masonry. the final incarnation of the structure was as a military depot. finally, in 1988, the city rediscovers a historic building returned from improper use through a laborious restoration work, and the opening of a museum that happily combines ancient and modern, designed by architects bruno sacchi and lorenzo papi, florence’s first museum of contemporary art.