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the museum will reopen on January 9th, 2019


VISITO ERGO SUM. The public and museums Conversations with Filippo Cavazzoni, Angelo Crespi, Mauro Felicori and Ludovico Solima.

VISITO ERGO SUM. THE PUBLIC IN MUSEUMS Wednesday December 12th, 5:30pm Conversations with...
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MUSEUM EFFECT: Instantaneous intrusions in art places Photography by Massimo Pacifico, curated by Claudio Di Benedetto January 9th – February 24th 2019

MUSEUM EFFECT. Instantaneous intrusions in places of art Selected from the numerous photos that...
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Temporary Closure for Renovations

The Museo Marino Marini in Florence will be closed for renovations from November 6th until Fall...
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the Marino Marini foundation of Pistoia aims to ensure the preservation, protection and valorisation of Marino Marini’s works of art and his artistic heritage. It promotes and sponsors anthological exhibitions, art publications, and other initiatives; including forms of research and study, which aim to further develop and honor the memory of the artist. the foundation protects a vast inventory of the artist’s patrimony and ensures its conservation, along with its historical and philological characterization and cataloguing of Marino Marini’s archive materials. to that effect, the foundation provides for the preservation and adequate archival of works by Marino Marini of any nature, which it may receive by any method. the foundation operates according to its statute and within the limits provided by Italian law to properly carry out the aforementioned activities and objectives through the Center for documentation of the works of Marino Marini of Pistoia, the Museo Marino Marini of Milan, and the Museo Marino Marini of S. Pancrazio in Florence.

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