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The Marino Marini Museum presents the series: “WHAT’S NEXT?” the great protagonists of the cultural innovation hosted by the Marino Marini Museum. An observatory on the digital future of art and culture, the museums of the future, and the ongoing changes, including: blending the experience with robotics, the real, augmented, and the virtual; all in all – everything that is going to be and will be coming.

The first edition will be on Tuesday, September 12th at 7 pm with “THE FATE OF KNOWLEDGE IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY”.

Conference presentation given by Prof. JEFFREY SCHNAPP, a guru of digital humanities; director of the metaLAB at Harvard University and one of the top researchers on the impact between digital culture and traditional culture.

The conference will be in Italian.

The conference will focus on the present and future of scientific knowledge: on emerging genres of scientific and cultural communication, on new objects of analysis and knowledge, on new methods of producing knowledge, and on what innovation and creativity mean today. ” He will discuss in particular some of his ongoing experiences at Harvard metaLAB that aim to shape the concept of “knowledge design.

The volume “FuturPiaggio” (Rizzoli), edited by Jeffrey Schnapp and designed by Daniele Ledda (xycomm) who will be present at the meeting, will also be presented.

Find the full video recording of the event on our YouTube channel. Click the icon to go to the playlist.